Sim City 2013: cinematic intro!

Among the most anticipated games of the moment, there is of course the new Sim City. A few years after the last installment, one of the most famous songs in the world is going to actually tumble on our bikes and this is from March 7 it will be possible to enjoy in France. It remains to wait a few months and if you trepignez impatience - this is exactly my case - so I have something that should make you happy. What? Simply the cinematic intro, a cutscene you'll be able to find now a little further down in the article.

It is a fact, the late 80s has been a rather prolific period for video games. Between the first Sim City, launched in 1989 by Will Wright, and good old Populous , designed by Peter Molyneux the same year, gamers had management for their money and I think that even those who have experienced those years must feel like a small tear beading along their plays. Since then, video games have evolved, of course, but this time everything will remain de same engraved in my heart. And especially in mine, actually.

Since then, much water has flowed under the bridge and we got several sequels as SimCity 2000 in 1993, SimCity 3000 in 1999 or Sim City 4 in 2003. And in 2013, ten years after the launch of the latest installment, so this is a new Sim City which will fall on the corner of the head. A Sim City more beautiful, more complete, more focused on multiplayer and finally a great chance to seduce all fans of the saga. As for me, in any case, I would without a doubt one of the first to buy the cake.

History finale, here is a list not exhaustive functions and features of Sim City 2013:
  • Joint launch on Windows and Mac OS.
  • Perfect communication between the two versions (see multiplayer games)
  • Grouping cities by region
  • Sharing of resources between cities in the same region
  • Flexible buildings using modules
  • Curved streets, events spontaneous effect "tilt shift"
  • Multi-city mode for multiplayer play of the same region
  • Urban areas: technology, trade, energy, etc ...

I do not know about you but this is typically the kind of video that makes me hungry.

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