Tactus demonstrated a touchscreen technology with relief

The surface of a touch screen may seem too cold and smooth. There is a solution and is to provide relief to the screen. Presented in preview by TACTUS Technology, this technology could revolutionize the practice at the gaming and typing. 

Tactus Technology has revealed a few hours from the end of the 2013 CES , a prototype tablet 7 inch relief (Morphing, in the language of Shakespeare) Android. The screen takes relief, according to the situations and configurations.

Technical side, to bring relief to get under the screen, a multitude of tiny pockets of liquid are stored in the screen and take shape as the pressure on the pocket, it exerting the same pressure on the screen.

The first uses that come to mind is the physical keyboard, which appears to facilitate the seizure of-print keyboard, allowing the passage to avoid typing errors. Similarly, a keypad appears for calls. A compromise between tactile and physical.

Another use would be to write in Braille for the visually impaired, for example, which are indeed the most excluded from the technological world touch. And finally, the ability to create a real gamepad for smartphones and tablets that eat each day a little more market share of mobile consoles.

The technology will be available to manufacturers in 2013 no date known marketing. Some reservations about the longevity of the system in time that happens it when the screen is scratched? The system does it work if a bubble is defective?

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