PureView: lots of new things to come from Nokia

Nokia has been in trouble for many years but this story belongs to the past. By partnering with Microsoft and abandoning its own mobile platform in favor of Windows Phone, the Finnish manufacturer has succeeded in reversing the trend and we even put a few slaps well felt. Between smartphones beautiful , ecosystem reasoned and PureView technology , we can even say that it has hit hard. And of course, Nokia is not going to sit there and thus one of its executives announced the arrival of several products using technology PureView.

Contrary to what one might think, technology PureView not just anecdotal. In fact, its benefits are not taken lightly and just finally take a look at pictures or videos taken with Lumia 920 to realize its full potential. Especially when the light is lacking, moreover, since the guy does not sag and even though the performance of most of its competitors collapse miserably under the same conditions.

In short, the PureView is cool and Nokia seems determined to exploit its technology as much as possible. Juha Alakarhu the man at the head of the division image Nokia, told in an interview that he and his employees wanted to go further and they worked well on new things affecting around this technology. Obviously, we do not know more, but it seems that these new touch equally to hardware than software . In other words, if the introduction of new products is not to be excluded, it is undoubtedly the technology itself that may make a big leap this year.

Finally, it may be recalled that the technology PureView was presented at the MWC 2012. Although I would put my hand to cut, so I think it is likely that Nokia will bring some surprises for MWC 2013.

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