iPen 2: a stylus to transform your conventional screens touchscreens

The studio Cregle behind the first model iPen back early this year with a new, more accurate soberly called iPen 2. Mac and PC compatible, the two iPen can transform a conventional computer screen touchscreen fixing the corners of the latter two modules triangulation (powered by batteries to recharge with a base). With 1024 levels of pressure support and inclination, iPen 2 can replace a mouse or be used as a stylus for all kinds of graphic applications and games.

Also working with iPad , however it will place the tablet in a case which also serves as storage for the stylus.

Still in draft form, its creator Sam Jang are currently able to collect $ 57,000 on the $ 360,000 expected via the finance platform Kickstarter. Once funded, Cregle hope to monetize the desktop version $ 169, $ 119 version iPad or $ 219 a bundle containing all desktop and iPad accessories . For more information, we invite you to take a look at the visible demonstrations bottom of the page.

But be careful if your tile is not glazed like a iMac, iPen the risk of damage.

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