WD Black: soon hybrid hard drives from Western Digital

SSDs are great, it is a fact, but they are not necessarily perfect and ugliest default, this is undoubtedly their limited storage capacity. To overcome this drawback, the manufacturers are working on hybrid solutions and bringing together the best of both worlds. We had an example with Fusion or Apple Drive with the latest Toshiba Qosmio but this time it was the turn of Western Digital to enter the race with its WD Black, the hybrid hard drives formatted 2.5 inch and which may be of interest to a lot of people.

But before that, we will still take the time to briefly explain the operation of hybrid hard drives. To make it simple and to summarize the idea in a few words, a hybrid hard drive combines in a single case of the traditional mass storage (which drives our old team) and the SSD . On the one hand, we will have the space to store our files and the other, a fast disk that will improve the overall performance of our machine.

Architecture that Western Digital has decided to take over to build its new hard drives, series WD Black. The latter will not happen on the market right now, it is a fact, and we do not yet know the price of these discs, but we already know that the first two models play the map with a compact 2.5 format inches and extremely fine ranging from 5mm to 7mm depending on the model.

On the disc itself, you should know that it will be available in two models to start: one 500 GB and 1 TB one. Both drives will ship 24 GB or 32 GB SSD and they should arrive at the market somewhere in the next 6 months.

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