CES 2013: Hands speakers Sony SRS-BTX300

The Sony SRS-BTX300 are premium speakers wireless (Bluetooth and NFC) which will be available in mid-April for € 199.

On the occasion of CES, Sony introduced new accessories that can be used with smartphones of the brand. Among them, the speaker SRS-BTX300 is very interesting. It is a product that has Bluetooth connectivity so you can easily play music from an external terminal. On the top, there is a tag that allows NFC to pair the smartphone easily and speakers. Do not worry if your smartphone does not have an NFC chip: you can connect a conventional manner via Bluetooth or a jack for connecting a sound source standard.

The design of the SRS-BTX300 is very successful, with a triangular shape (the top is thinner than the bottom). On the right side, the foot is then unfolded and provides access to configuration buttons: use Bluetooth or jack, sound activation and ON / OFF button.

The sound delivered by the SRS-BTX300 is 2.1, with a good power of 20 W. Even if a booth at CES is not ideal for listening to music in peace quality is the appointment with the DMC technology from Sony. Concretely, the passive speaker offers deeper bass and a faithful reproduction of the different instruments used via the Clear Phase DSP.

This enclosure has a battery and can be used on the move, but its rather large size limit their movements. Autonomy announced by Sony is 8 hours listening.

On the back of the enclosure, there are all the connections classic, but also a button to enable or disable Bluetooth and a USB port so that it may be used to recharge a smartphone while listening to music.

Knowing that the Xperia and Xperia Z ZL, Part Walkman supports multiple audio outputs, use is greatly simplified. If you receive a call, you can use the SRS-BTX300 as a "hands-free", which will come in handy for meetings for example.

Already found this product on  the Sony shop , but it will have to be very patient, because availability is scheduled for mid-April.

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