Dell Ophelia Project, your computer in your pocket

For some years that Dell bump type solutions "cloud computing" and the manufacturer has just lifted the veil on a new solution that could attract the general public and professionals. Ophelia Project, which has probably nothing to do with Ophelie Winter, is actually present in the form of a simple usb to connect to any monitor or TV. Usb key that will simply allow us to recover our working environment but also all our data, all in a glance. Can you imagine a little? Your computer alone you everywhere, all the time and at the bottom of your pocket.

Today, with technologies like "cloud", it is possible to recover the contents of any computer, any smartphone and any touchpad. Just actually install applications that go to watch videos, listen to music, view photos or even its work on documents. It's fun, it's practical but it also means that one has to have a terminal on hand to enjoy all the benefits of this wonderful technology.

Dell, meanwhile, is part of the principle that everyone could not necessarily walk with all its paraphernalia. It is for this reason that the manufacturer has designed a usb able to repatriate all our data through a work environment fully customizable. Very convenient for walking in Geek, certainly, but also for the VRP that walk in customers and clients who are a little tired of lugging their laptop all the time.

Very practical and easy to make, here is an overview of the functions provided by the Project Ophelia:
  • Secure and direct access "cloud" of the user.
  • Recovery files, applications, games and the whole environment.
  • Integration of WiFi and Bluetooth for easy.
  • Operating system based on Android 4.0.
  • Secure connection to Citrix, Microsoft and VMware.
  • Direct supply by the screen. No battery, no charger.
  • Support for multiple user accounts.
  • Compatibility with the full range Wyse.

I do not know much about the Wyse solution and I can not tell you more about this (your feedback is welcome) but we can specify complete the Ophelia Project hit the market somewhere in the first half of 2013 . I'll Just have to know how much it will cost. I also sent a mail to Dell to try to know more then please do not hesitate board in the corner a little later if the solution you want.

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