Apple, Google and Samsung's most innovative companies in 2012

The Boston Consulting Group has published its latest ranking of the most innovative companies in 2012. Apple topped the charts, followed by Google and Samsung.

Despite all the criticism that was him in 2012, Apple remains the most innovative company in the world. It is in any case Estime consulting firm Boston Consulting Group (BCG) in its new ranking published Thursday, January 10. Apple retains its position as number one of the top 50 he has held since 2005. It therefore Google heels, located in the second position and especially its biggest rival, Samsung, 3rd place on the podium.

Although this classification is open to all fields, it remains largely dominated by new technologies. Microsoft and guard his fourth place, while Facebook went from 43rd in 2010 to fifth this year. As for Twitter, it just happened in the rankings in the 43rd position.

The car also innovates

"New technologies have long dominated the charts. But it must be emphasized this year, rising traditional sectors", says BCG, including automotive. The list includes 15 industry groups effect of high-tech in 2010 against 21 in the previous ranking. These companies must now confront the giant Korean auto such as Hyundai or Kia, respectively the 10th and 13th. Note that Renault is the only French company to be present in the top 50 and is in 34th place.

To establish this list, the research firm surveyed more than 1,500 executives (business owners, CFOs, etc). Across the world. He asked what the companies they perceived as the most innovative. Analysts also took into account criteria such as financial growth and profits.

The Top 10

1. Apple 
2. Google 
3. Samsung 
4. Microsoft 
5. Facebook 
6. IBM 
7. Sony 
8. Haier 
9. Amazon 
10. Hyundai

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