BlackBerry 10: The Employee Handbook is online!

RIM and industrial secrecy, it is not really that. It has been noticed in recent weeks, the Canadian company seems to be very difficult to keep secret its products. Between photos and videos featuring the BlackBerry Z10 , the BlackBerry X10 or even BlackBerry 10 short, we got for our money and it seems that it is not finished. No, because our friends at CrackBerry would actually managed to get hold of a guide for employees of the firm, a guide that focuses on the main features of the platform and you'll be able to download on MediaFire or you will be able to immediately view and a little lower in the article.

According to the information available, it is an anonymous contributor who has shared digital version of the guide on CrackBerry forums. This means it is better to be cautious and not take all this information literally because it may very well be a fake or even a disinformation campaign. Is not wary enough black men who continue the good consumers at ALDI.

Very simply called BlackBerry 10 Training , this manual is a bit like a survival guide aimed at all employees of the firm and therefore intended for all those who will find the right arguments to convince their clients to cross the line and migrate to BlackBerry 10. It has a beautiful setting right in front of the main functions of the platform, such as the integration of social networks within it, or multi-tasking as we have already mentioned repeatedly in the past. We appreciate also the seventh slide that contains a list of all persons covered by the platform. List we learn that BBX is intended primarily for those who do not just dream their dreams but want to make them real. It's cute, right?

However, the interesting thing with this guide is that it also contains a lot of catches that allow us to see a little more about BlackBerry 10. What? Well it was dedicated to the application of video-conferencing to take some pictures, or the keyboard platform, not forgetting of course the browser. Each time, there is a short description that allows us to know a little more about the strengths of each tool.

In the end, therefore, the guide tells us a lot about BlackBerry 10 and what RIM has in store. For the rest, well it will be either 30 January 2013 or wait for the next leaks.

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