Industrial espionage between AMD and NVidia?

This is a case of industrial espionage rather pathetic that takes place in the time between AMD and NVidia. In fact, AMD accused three of its employees have stolen 100,000 secret documents , all from before in the competition, that is to say NVidia. Similarly, AMD accuses Richard Hagen, NVidia employee, violating an agreement non-solicitation recruiting employees.

Affected employees are responsible for developing strategic Bob Feldstein and managers Manoo Desai and Nicolas Kociuk. They have in their last 6 months at AMD, downloaded 100,000 documents, knowing they were from Nvidia. In fact, according to AMD, NVidia Feldstein party would then have recruited Desai. The latter had himself asked to join Kociuk.

This case raises the ire of AMD appealed to the Court of Massachusetts. The manufacturer of graphics cards hope redress, especially retrieve documents, which we do not know if they were used by NVidia or guarded by three employees. They have also the obligation to preserve, and not delete them.

A case shows once more the rivalry between the two manufacturers, who are intimate enemies. But in this case, NVidia is only concerned by far the employees being the object of the attentions of AMD.

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