MPME, cognitive radio for iPhone and iPad

MPME is a nice mobile application ( iPhone / iPad ) that should appeal to all music lovers and, more generally, to all those who love music. Designed by Rahul Powar, the founder of Shazam, it will actually allow you to access in seconds radios intelligent and capable of evolving to suit your musical tastes. Nice, but the best is yet to come as MPME also enjoys a nice interface that should appeal to a lot of people. Yes, and something tells me it could even type in the eye of some of you.

Functioning of MPME is quite simple since all or almost totally automated. When you first launch the application, the only thing you have to do is actually connect with your Facebook account. From that moment, MPME ill go automatically scan your account to find your favorite artists and it will then be the same with your iTunes library.

Why? Not to violate your privacy, of course. No, actually, MPME will use these data to determine the music you love. According to it, the tool will fetch all web-radios suited to you and offer you to listen, and like that and you do not have anything to pay. To start the adventure, the only thing you have to do is simply tap on the colored square corresponding to the desired genre, and then the application will take care of the rest.

Not bad, of course, but this is obviously not the only feature offered by MPME  In fact, the application includes a number of tools that allow you to add all the radio of your choice to your favorites (to find them more easily later) or will offer you the possibility to share content with your different communities on Twitter and Facebook. In addition, we can also add that MPME includes a MP3 store. Me finally that, you had to expect, right?

Anyway, MPME is a nice application and I want to thank Valentin for discovery.

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