Nexus 4: Finally explanations "clear"

The director dedicated to the "mobility" LG France has responded to issues Challenges, she finally lifts the veil on the various issues faced by the Nexus 4

Cathy Robin answered a number of questions that were asked. So now we have more details on the debut "difficult" the Nexus 4. As our previous video interview, she insists on Google's decision to "sell the Nexus 4 at the lowest price" without "losing the money." The difference with the "price naked" at SFR simply explained by a different sales model.

Finally, the party angry now: the supply of stocks. The shortage of Nexus 4 in the world can be explained by a much higher demand than expected. These forecasts were provided by Google based LG sales of previous Nexus. Figures "predictions" have been given to prepare designs and deliveries in each country. In Europe, the forecasts were more important in Germany and the UK and France.

For example, the initial forecasts of Google were 10 times higher in the United Kingdom and Germany. We deliver so much more in these countries than France. There was a balance that has been poorly anticipated.

Cathy Robin reassures therefore prospective buyers. For now, LG and Google deliver the latest pre-orders, however: Today, if you want to increase the frequency of deliveries, it takes about 6 weeks time. It will have to wait.

Finally, regarding the rumor of the shutdown of the Nexus 4: The Nexus 4 will not stop. On the contrary, the rate will increase. From mid-February, there will be more tension on the market...

That's enough to reassure fans of this phone.

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