Play Microsoft: Xbox Live games on Windows 8!

In recent months, Microsoft has radically changed strategy duster and streamlining all its ecosystem. A long-term, of course, but that will probably fruit in the coming years. Yesterday, the firm has also added a layer of lifting the veil on a new program, or even a new brand - Play with her ​​first name - to ensure porting all games on its Xbox Live two new operating systems, and therefore Windows 8 and Windows RT. Interesting, especially since this port finally seems very complete.

Not worth dreaming, however, because you are not ready to see happen all the Xbox games on your brand new Windows. No, actually, and as I mentioned in the preceding lines, titles taking advantage of this program are all from the Xbox Live. In other words, it is all the arcade games that can be found on the Microsoft shop, games like Toy Soldiers, Hydro Thunder or HALO 5 ...
Moo no, it was a joke, a jooooke ! For HALO 5, it will come back later. So of course, seen in this light, it is said that Microsoft Play has little interest, but it is not all-of-fact as if this port is not just the title. In fact, players will also find all the extras that revolve around them and therefore their trophies, their friends or even backups of their parts. Whatever, this last point is not yet guaranteed.

Note that not all is rosy as you will apparently board at checkout to enjoy these titles on your bike, even if you have already purchased on Xbox Live. So good, this is yet to be confirmed, but it's still the kind of news that should grind some teeth.

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