Canon Image Square: the first physical store Canon

Photography lovers will be happy. The rumors on the web since a few days ultimately proved accurate and Canon has just opened a new physical store: Image Square. A lively place where photo enthusiasts can find the products and services of the brand, of course, but not just because these stores are also required as places of life with advice, workshops and many other beautiful things. Promising, of course, but it must nevertheless temper that good news since this shop is based in Canada ... and more specifically in Calgary, Alberta.

If you're in the area, or if you do not know what to do with your week, then know that the Canon Image Square is scheduled to open in the next few hours. According to information available, the first physical store Canon begin to welcome passersby from noon local time. And if you do not have the pleasure of living in caribou country, know all de same as nothing is lost because the red had the great idea to post a record dedicated to his shop, all with a few photos that seem to have a bit of trouble to appear at the time of this writing.

Otherwise, what it looks like this shop? Well actually, it seems like it quite a ... Apple Store. Of course, the Canon Image Square will aim to highlight the different brand products - boxes, targets, accessories - but the store will go further by offering visitors spaces dedicated to relaxation and experimentation. Beautiful sculptures, beautiful light and interesting subjects for test equipment firm on the ground and see what they have in the belly. Whole program, then.

And attention because it is not everything. No, because Canon has also thought of setting up workshops to help young photographers to take control of their equipment. Better, the company seems determined to highlight the work of its clients. All photos taken on Alberta (with its devices, of course) and will be projected in the shop. Full of pretty things, therefore, and we sincerely hope that it will work for Canon. Yes, because if this is the case, then the giant photo could export the concept and it would be pretty cool to see finally get this type of shop in Paris.

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