LG plans to sell 75 million smartphones in 2013

With the Nexus 4 , LG somewhat re-gilded its image, despite supply problems. The builder was a little past in the background in recent months, not because their phones were not quality, but because Samsung had occupied all the space on the Android Market and the updates were the main weak points the manufacturer. But the Korean firm has well recuperate this year, exploding the record sales.

Indeed, according to the Korea Times, the company hopes to sell 75 million smartphones this year. In 2012, it was 55 million smartphones that LG has been passed. To achieve its objective, the Korea Times reports that the manufacturer could build on Windows Phone 8, the land on which it is entirely absent at the moment.

LG has concluded its four errors in the Nexus, as Robin says Cathy, Director Mobility LG Challenges. LG had underestimated the demand and has made ​​mistakes in the geographical supply, high demand some countries (such as France) have not been well served. Errors not to repeat to reach the threshold of 75 million smartphones sold.

We now expect the tools to put this plan into action, that is to say smartphones. could very well LG unveiling new models during the MWC to be held in Barcelona next month.

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