ROG GX1000: the new Asus gaming mouse

Asus has a habit of spoiling gamers and it is not going to change. Proof of this is the new mouse GX1000 range of Asus ROG, which satisfy the most demanding. Adopting an aggressive design but discreet aluminum, wired mouse wants to win all the gamers by offering serious advantages.

Firstly, it has a dpi laser sensor and can be adjusted in one click from 50 to 8200. It is also equipped with large Teflon pads for better glide, 6 buttons and red LED to illuminate your carpet. Speaking of carpets, precisely, the GX1000 comes with a carpet of soft Asus promises high quality.

Like any self-respecting gamer mouse, the weight of the mouse is adjustable and you can have both on hand 150 grams 175 grams only. ROG mouse GX1000 is available today at a price of € 106.90.

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