Microsoft Surface: The keyboard Touch Cover is torn and the sound is chopped

Microsoft Surface is the first touch pad of society. Released October 26, she already has problems. The site The Verge witnessed the fragility of Touch Cover and sound is not really optimized.

 Microsoft Surface is available since a few days, however some users are not satisfied with the site also noted some shortcomings, Microsoft has been contacted and the company is studying the problem. The sound is pretty bad as owners have reported problems with phase switching and audio is also choppy. It is very unpleasant to use the tablet in these conditions. Currently, Microsoft is trying to find a solution, but the fault has not yet been explained. Apparently, the sound could be restored by touching the keys corresponding to volume.

Microsoft Surface is also fragile. So many users have left negative comments on forums. In each case, the problem is the same, the cover shows some weaknesses and a hole appears in the join. For now, The Guardian carried a report on these problems, the paper is not able to tell if the problem is widespread or if it involves only one lot. Currently, the defects have been observed in the United Kingdom and the United States. Both countries are affected, it should not only concern a batch. Many exchanges have been made ​​particularly in the U.S., Microsoft offers owners a free replacement keyboards Touch Cover defective.

This situation is quite problematic since the PCBs are in the open air. Have you experienced these problems?

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