LeWeb 2012: Netatmo the personal weather station connected to the net

LeWeb 2012 has opened its doors for several days of madness and information are numerous. The theme this year is in line with the revelation made ​​by a start-up, Netatmo.

It is at the 9th edition of the conference LeWeb 2012 that the start-up has revealed its new concept. Netatmo is specialized in the design of intelligent products as these stations. The theme this year is the connected objects, this product fits perfectly with the trend of the event. Therefore, the founder of Netatmo, Fred Potter presented when opening the first personal weather station is connected to the Internet. There are many functions since it can measure the quality of the air. The French start-up shared world exclusive interactive maps. These allow you to view real-time information on the quality of the air or those related to weather through a wifi connection. Using sensors that measure air quality, people sensitive to pollution and can easily adjust their output in peace.

The network is already established in more than 50 countries, Netatmo stations are all connected to the Internet. This concept thus offers a vast network of environmental sensors. The company offers a unique concept that allows real-time monitoring of the environment and climate. Stations are thus an original idea that could revolutionize our perception of the weather. Of course the product is connected to the web, so you can use with the iPhone or smartphones running Android.

All items offered is related to the climate and the environment. The box contains a USB power adapter, a USB cable, a weather station Netatmo (module inside and outside) and a mounting kit.

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