A Chrome extension for saving web content on Google Drive

The Mountain View company yesterday released a new Chrome extension developed by his team, allowing users to save any type of web content directly to their Google Drive.

After installing the extension, simply named "Save to Google Drive" adds an icon to the toolbar in the browser extensions, allowing users to save after clicking on it an image, an entire page, or even a screenshot of the page visible in their space Google Drive.

An import window informing about the status of the download of relevant content automatically opens and offers thereafter consult the file created by opening it directly from Google Drive, or by locating the directory in which it is located, to rename or remove it (if error).

Google has the same time made a small update for its management of images on Google Drive, now allowing users to zoom in by scrolling directly on the images to view them in adjusting to the page or in high resolution ( new buttons) and add comments on specific parts of an image (after selecting).

For more experienced users, the extension allows you to retrieve the entire HTML page in a web archive format files (. Mht - MIME HTML).

The extension adds an option to the passage in the context menu of the browser perform the same functionality as described above and the button to save the content faster.

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