SFR Nexus 4: Availability and prices charged

The Nexus 4 is SFR on December 18. As promised, the information is confirmed by the operator. Customers will have the opportunity to buy the new flagship Google next week, but the rates are high.

The Nexus 4 has become a scarce commodity, it could become a collector's item if the shortage continues on this path. In all cases, the new Google smartphone arrives in preview at the operator SFR has made the official information. It will have to wait until December 18 to get the mobile as successful on the web and in the world. On the official store, it is displayed to 299 euros in the 8 GB and 349 euros for the 16 GB version must multiply the price by almost two to get the prices charged at SFR. It is therefore likely hurt some budgets especially during periods of financial crisis. Certainly, offers refunds are very attractive and can get the smartphone from the euro.

Nexus 4 a fairly high

Rather it gets stuck at the package price. For the Nexus 4, you will have the opportunity to pay a euro to buy mobile with Square offers 6 GB is rather good news because ODR is 178.90 euros. For cons, the package costs 89.99 euros per month for a commitment period of 24 months. Relying on the price charged on Google Play , your package will cost you a year or about 3 Nexus 1079.88 4-299 euros. Lower formulas are proposed with the formula Square 4 GB The package costs 69.99 euros per month for a 24-month commitment. Nexus will cost 29.90 euros with an RDA of 150 euros. Repeating the calculations, your package will cost you 839.88 euros this year, or about 2 Nexus 4-299 euros.

Finally, the last formula SFR Square offers 2 GB to 49.99 euros for a 24-month commitment. You will pay 599.88 euros over a year or two Nexus 4-299 euros. You will still need to pay at the registration package at 179.90 euros, because there is no RDA.

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