Facebook and Google hit by a breakdown last night

The world trembles! Pending on December 21, users have already got a glimpse of life without Google and Facebook for a few minutes.

You probably have noticed late yesterday afternoon, many Google services including Gmail have been affected by a failure, an incident confirmed but not explained by Google. According to the App Status Dashboard, which offers performance information for Google Apps services, the Panel of Directors / AP, Google Gmail Drive and therefore were unavailable, the Mountain View giant advance in a significant subset of queries of Web users Gmail has been assigned for a total of 18 minutes, from 8:54 / 9:00 to 9:04 / 9:16 pm Pacific Time. Many users have also reported problems with the social network Google + and Google Chrome.

Later in the evening, this is another giant faltered, the social network Facebook. Indeed, for about twenty minutes the website facebook.com was inaccessible due to a change in its infrastructure as a DNS explained a spokesman for the site: Earlier in the day, we made ​​changes to level of our DNS infrastructure and this change has led to some people temporarily unable to access the site. We have detected and corrected the problem quickly, and are now back to 100%. Mobile applications for their part have not been affected by this outage.

If the incident does not involve Facebook direct consequence, that Google is trickier. Indeed, global scale, the failure of Gmail with 425 million users, including many professionals is not the best publicity especially as the courier online Google faces competition increasing, Examples would Outlook.com replacement Hotmail has also chosen to use the name of the famous mail client, a well-known professionals. If failures are rare, Gmail now has to do with the status message No. 1 in the world!

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