Free WiFi internet soon in London taxis

Good news for internet addicts who travel frequently in the fourth French city: they burn out over their mobile plan cabs in London.

After an agreement reached Dec. 6 among the company and the London Transport startup Eyetease specializing in mobile solutions for urban transport, free WiFi service, named CabWifi will be deployed aboard the legendary black cabs plying the British capital .

The business model is based on use of free in exchange for viewing advertisements for a period of 15 seconds, which appear every fifteen minutes of surfing. Drivers will also enjoy this access through separate login, which will allow them to probably also save money on their mobile bill, whether for professional or private reasons.

Eyetease is also in the process of concluding agreements with several consumer brands, such as credit card operators or manufacturers of smartphones to complement its offering.

The CabWifi offers free WiFi in London taxis should be available early 2013.

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