Guess where the iPad is the most expensive in the world

As we know, since the advent of digital technology, smartphones, tablets, and incidentally of globalization, a very bad habit was unveiled at the American big day in the land of Uncle Sam was a very specific conception of exchange rates . With the complicity of local subsidiaries, it is true.

To make it short, our American friends, 1 dollar = 1 euro. That's it. So when a tablet costs 539 U.S. dollars, it costs 539 euros in Europe. It's easier, and cows are kept (I'm not sure of the proper use of the term country here but we'll pretend).

From there to consider replacing the universal unit of measurement that was until now the Big Mac a smartphone from Apple, there would be one step. Except we do not buy or eat one iPhone every day.

To highlight this problem is a real rich global injustice far worse than hunger, cold or humanitarian crisis in Darfur, the friend Arnaud, aka Dauran, founder and boss among other site has publish a small graphic that shows the price difference shelves (and XBox) in the world, taking into account the parity of currencies.

If I tell you after Brazil - but certainly for other reasons less legitimate - France is the country where the iPad is the most expensive in the world, I wonder? Not me.

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