SkyDrive arrives on Xbox 360 with 40 new apps

SkyDrive for Xbox has been deployed today bound for Xbox 360. The console from Microsoft becomes a little more of a multimedia hub at the heart of the home. This is the social sharing is put forward with the possibilities inherent in SkyDrive.

Thus, users can share photos and videos with friends instantly through the app. Sharing via the cloud is in real time. It is possible to take a photo from their smartphone, the upload to SkyDrive and instantly see its HDTV.

As the next few days and next week, more than 40 new applications that will land on the Xbox 360. Offer varies by country.
  • ARTE (available now)
  • Canalplay Infinity
  • FightBox
  • GameTrailers
  • Gulli Replay (available now)
  • MyTF1
  • MyTF1VOD (available now)
  • Video on Demand Orange

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