Australia: Apple Plans on iPhone, you might end up like Mad Max

How would you like to turn into a road warrior and get lost in the bush in search of a final drop of kerosene?

This is what could happen to you if you move adventure in the land of kangaroos using the navigation application and mapping Plans on Apple iOS, yes, the one that replaced forcibly Google Maps at the output Version 6 of the mobile OS from Apple.

Already heavily maligned and criticized for its sometimes quite fanciful reproductions of reality on the ground, the Apple Plans could even, in some particular cases, be dangerous. In any case this assertion Australian police authorities, and specifically those of the state of Victoria, which encourage mobile users to stop using the application for guidance, after they found several times tourists lost in the vast wilderness of national parks following a haphazard navigation with Apple Plans. Some have even survived for twenty-four hours without eating or drinking, some 70 kilometers from the intended destination.

According to tests conducted by the police, Apple plans indicating the location of the heart of Mildura Murray Sunset National Park, about 70 miles from its true location.

Misadventure which may actually be somewhat unpleasant when we know that the corner where the unfortunate tourists astray displays a temperature of 46 degrees, and there is no water in the region.

I think we passed not far during our recent road trip in Australia with Clyne, Korben and Paingout, but iOS 6 was not out yet. It is perhaps because of this that we are still here talking to you. Risking his life for blogging, who said they had easy trades?

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