Twitter: Your photos with or without a filter?

From Instagram night we had felt the warm wind blow the ball necks: within a few months, who knows if this ad would not have killed the startup, which in the meantime had the good idea to sell to Facebook for just over 750 million.

After that it became impossible to view Instagram photos directly into the stream Twitter , the microblogging site has officially launched filters, which will allow us to edit his pictures on Twitter. Developed in collaboration with Aviary, which already proposed an application ... for Facebook, a new feature of filters and effects in Twitter is available after an update of the iOS app and Android.

With this new option embedded natively in Twitter, which we expected a bit , it is possible to improve the rendering (brightness, contrast, sharpness), crop (crop) an image, and of course apply all kinds of filters or effects thereon. The process is simple and intuitive, and can easily post an edited photo from their smartphone.

A large stone in the garden of Instagram, Facebook and ricochet. However, the regulars did Instagram change may not be as radically and rapidly habits: what happens on Instagram Instagram is on, and it is likely that many members of this network have no desire to disseminate their photos - or at least all their photos - on Twitter.

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