Test "Batman Arkham City: Armored Edition" on Wii U

In "Batman Arkham City: Armored Edition" for the Wii U, the Dark Knight returns to service after the album "Arkham Asylum." "Batman Arkham City" video game was probably the most successful superhero on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. Wii U version of Arkham City takes all the elements of the game adds a new toy with armor armor, makes you enjoy all the DLC released so far and the GamePad features in gameplay. A heavy task that developers Rocksteady in Montreal have stuck with Warner Interactive as publisher.

The decor

Quincy Sharp, former director of Arkham Asylum, became mayor of Gotham City. He decides to transform neighborhoods into a huge detention center for the most hardened criminals. It is a militia called Tyger's task to conquer a semblance of order in this violent world. And it is the psychiatrist Hugo Strange who manages the detention center and foments a plan that is called "Protocol 10". Bruce Wayne finds himself trapped inside Arkham Asylum and attempt to thwart the project Mysterious Strange. Protocol 10 is the thread of the game and it is only at the end of the game as the story unravels.

The dark knight joker and find the Harley Quinn and other villains (the Penguin, Bane ...) in this detention center. Catwoman is also present and it is possible to embody. So much for the decor and the game synopsis. The game takes the original 2011 release on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. The open environment is one of the highlights of the game while the FreeFlow combat system is maintained.


The game is named after the new battle mode Battle Armored Tech (BAT). All playable characters which can benefit of course Batman and Catwoman. The combination stores the kinetic energy of your movements during combat phases. It may be released when the gauge is full while leveraging the power of the blows. It is fairly well seen even more true if the Wii U version in use is well we can do GamePad.

The GamePad fully exploited

He plays the role of Batcomputer you can directly select the gadgets and objectives for the touch interface. The GamePad also displays the map and radar. It also distills real-time information (on villains for example) without having to press "start".

With the Wii U tablet, you can scan the radio signals to find the frequency or look for clues when you are on a crime scene (by raising the GamePad and turning). This is the gyroscope which is put to use here as it is to guide the Batarang or use the Batclaw (Batgriffe). Whole arsenal of Batman is present including the explosive gel you use via the GamePad and we will then explode through the touch interface. Mini puzzles to hack systems to open doors are accessible directly via the GamePad. Speakers of that radio broadcast of Batman, which adds significantly to the immersive aspect. Finally, note that it is possible to play the whole game on the shelf, really nice.


The presence of all the DLC the game is also more significant to add to the life, knowing that the heart of the game requires more than 16 hours to complete. Note however that the DLC dedicated to the revenge of Harley Quinn (where you can play as Robin) provides access to elements of spoiler.

Technical specifications

So much for the positive aspects of a game that was praised by critics for PC, Xbox 360 and PS3. But, unfortunately, the Wii U, when enemies appear to face number on the screen, there is a significant decrease in framerate. Textures on some buildings also disappear even if it is not systematic.

One can think of "shortcuts" taken by developers rather than hardware limitations. Indeed, the amount of RAM onboard (eDRAM) should normally allow him to excel to display detailed textures in HD. The filtrate (number of pixels displayed per second) is usually significantly higher on the Wii U Xbox 360 and PS3.

However, the Wii U proves gifted to display reflections, lights, textures and bright silver. Developers have probably used sprites enlightened (as announced by Michel Ancel for Rayman Legends published by Ubisoft).


If you have not purchased the game on Xbox 360, PS3 or PC, go ahead buy the Wii U. The excellent operating GamePad really adds to the gameplay and the game experience we have seen that the game drew ZombiU also benefit from the GamePad. "Batman Arkham City: Armored Edition" demonstrates that there is 1001 ways to use the GamePad. In addition, the game is a must whatever your platform of choice.

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