Now Google Chrome soon?

Google Now, the Intelligent Personal Assistant available on Android since version 4.1 Jellybean be willing to take the step of inviting himself fixed in the Google Chrome browser?

In any case the assertion on Google Plus, a French developer who discovered the source of a new version of Chrome (Chromium) a piece of code, a skeleton framework for displaying smart cards to Google Now. This would suggest that Google Now would soon be available on PC via a future version of Google's web browser.

Now remember that Google is a wizard that grows various predictive information in real time, geolocated and calculated based on the context, on the screen of the smartphone or tablet Android. This feature, free, is particularly powerful and relevant. An example of use: you have an appointment at 15h, Now Google lets you know in advance how long it will take to get to appointments, taking year account several parameters, such as distance that separates you from it (geolocation) but also the traffic conditions. To use it frequently on my Nexus 7, I can say that Google is bluffing Now accuracy and can quickly become a companion that is hard to pass.

If this prediction is correct, the service would be the opposite of most other services, namely the smartphone to the PC, ie the fixed mobile. A good way for Google to make it known to those who are on Chrome but not (yet) Android, and who could find an application that would encourage them to opt for an Android smartphone on their next purchase. Now would be integrated into Google Chrome via the notification system browser.

Google currently has neither confirmed nor denied this information.

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