Infographic: Twitter keyboard shortcuts

Browse faster and faster, it is the goal of shortcuts that may seem barbaric at first but deserve to be known. My Clever Agency exposes us Twitter keyboard shortcuts in the graphic below.

Shortcuts consist of three groups, those who can perform actions on tweets, those who can see the different pages or timelines, and finally those that facilitate navigation.


  • F: Put a tweet favorite
  • M:  Write a DM (Direct Message)
  • R: Reply
  • N: New tweet
  • T: Retweet
  • L: Close all open tweets
  • Entry: Open Details tweet selected


  • Space: Jump to page
  • J: Skip to next tweet
  • K: Back to previous tweet
  • /: Search
  • . : Load new tweets


  • G+ H: Home
  • G+ F: Favorites
  • G+ C: Connect
  • G+ L: Lists
  • G+ A: Activity
  • G+ M: Posts
  • G+ R: Legal
  • G+ S: Settings
  • G+ D: Discovering
  • G+ U: See the account of a person
  • G+ P: View profile
In case of doubt, if you click on Twitter ? to display the list of shortcuts.

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