An application to set the suspension of his car with his iPhone!

With the emergence of digital electronics in cars will no longer affect only navigation systems or in infotainment . Cars offer optional (or standard on high-end) systems and intelligent controlled suspensions are starting to become commonplace.

The key to this improved comfort and safety, since you no longer have to choose between soft suspensions and suspensions farms, electronics manager both based on several criteria, such as the quality of the coating, the surface conditions the ambient temperature and many other parameters.

And of course, when we speak and electronic "smart" board, it was quickly prowess in mind that the latest smartphones are capable in this area. It is also thought that the developers at KW, a company specializing in damping systems for the automotive industry, which developed an adaptive suspension system controlled with an application iPhone connected to shock WiFi.

The kit comes with four dampers application, which offers several settings options, including three main are called a touch on the screen: Comfort (soft), Sport (farm), Sport + (hard). The advanced settings allow you to configure the damping tailored to their preferences and even assign different damping laws between the front and rear axle, and remember his favorite settings, then it is possible to call a click. As a system of origin (PASM Porsche for example), the changes are reflected in real time, click on the iPhone screen and you change the dynamics of the car.

According to various sources who tested the device, the result is impressive precision and responsiveness. An Android version is expected to arrive soon. Remains the question of availability: the electronically controlled dampers KW are not designed for all cars, but at the moment only a few high-end German. As for the price, it will take about 2900 euros which should be added the installation. However, this is almost the price of the option controlled suspension in premium brands. Remains as to whether this type of transplant is as effective as originally thought and system specifically designed by the manufacturer for a particular model.

But I think we have finished being surprised by what smartphones will make in our everyday car. Manufacturers have serious interest in moving neurons, and to a good dose of geek in R & D and marketing if they do not want to be overwhelmed.

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