Nikon 1 N coating anti-camera new lens Nikkor 32mm f/1.2 introduced in the United States

Do you think the Nikon CX format lens group is not enough to complete it? Today the company launched in the U.S. a new anti-system new lens: Nikkor 32mm f/1.2 maximum aperture lens Nikon 1 system, and for the first time joined the SWM quiet autofocus motor N coating on the lens specifications. Of this is equivalent to the large aperture of 86mm fixed focal length mirror, presumably performance will be very tough on the use of low-light shooting portraits telephoto focal lengths; manipulation with M / A full-time manual focusing capability, in addition to metal lens barrel material, naturally let the suggested retail price to the not very close to the people of the U.S. $ 900 (about NT $ 27,000 / HK $ 7,000), and has a black and silver mirror themselves choose - can only say that you want to enjoy all kinds of specifications very powerful specifications of the lens, it seems that the price is a little high.

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