View changes to the Wikipedia in real time

The Wikipedia has often been criticized in the past but it is clear that the online encyclopedia is at present one of the best sources of information either. Whatever the subject of study, you actually have a good chance of finding what you are looking for by browsing through its pages. It must also be said that they are working on thousands relentlessly thousands who collaborate on this extraordinary project and publishes every day hundreds of different topics. And indeed, if you want to "see" in real changes to the Wikipedia, then something tells me that this interactivemap should please you something good.

For indeed, it is actually a single goal: to appear on a map in real time all the changes that are made ​​to the online encyclopedia. Obviously, this is not the service that we will spend all our days, but the fact remains that the result is not lack of interest so far.

All you have to do is go to this address and wait nicely. After a few seconds, you will see one point on the map, a point accompanied by a name. Just below, in a dedicated area for this purpose, you will know the name of the item that is being edited, all with a link to display directly in your browser brand new. A second later, it is a second point appears again with the name of the item that is being changed. And then third, fourth, fifth and then, so on.

So of course, this does not necessarily interactive map of today, or even yesterday, but it makes all de same to get a clearer idea of how Wikipedia works. And finally, thanks to her, we realize that this service brings together every day thousands of people across the globe, thousands of people working together for a common cause, namely to bring knowledge to the greatest number.

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