HP SlateBook x2, the Tranformer HP

At this time, fashion these are all transformists machines capable to act as laptops and tablet PCs. The movement is not new, it's been ages since the manufacturer Asus produces devices of this type, but it was not until the arrival of Windows 8 for all other companies working in this sector to do the same. Proof is, Hewlett Packard has just formalize the HP SlateBook x2, a device that works on the same principle as the Transformer and which should ultimately appeal to all those who swear by Android and does manage to decide between a laptop and a slate. All the details are in the following.

On the question of design, it must be confessed, HP has made ​​things quite well. The manufacturer actually opted for a beautiful black dress so metal, a dress that extends the shelf until keyboard dock that will complement it. The rendering is pretty nice and x2 SlateBook should ultimately appeal to all those who attach great important to the "look" of their machine.

Under the hood, it is not bad since SlateBook x2 advantage of a Full HD IPS 10.1 inch screen , 64GB of storage space, a micro SD slot and Jelly Bean 4.2.2 for complete the set. The more observant among you will have noticed that I have not mentioned the chip that drives the machine and it is normal because I've saved the best for last. Yes, because HP has opted for the famous Nvidia Tegra 4 which was unveiled at the last CES and which should allow the device to be placed extremely well in all benchmarks of the globe. Note, however, that there is no information on the amount of RAM embedded in the machine.

It remains to discuss the issue of price. Note that the HP SlateBook x2 released in the month of August in two colors, white and black, for a price of $ 479.99. The thing is we do not know if the price includes the keyboard dock or not. For the rest, it will have to wait a little longer before seeing more clearly, but we will still end up with a nice video that you will examine the slate from all angles.

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