Creative announced support the Airwave series of NFC-enabled speaker and colorful Hitz new headphones

Creative has just released the Jawbone SAMSUNG GALAXY S WiFi 4.0 of competitive products, a total of two the Airwave series speakers New Airwave and Airwave HD. Let's look at the high with Creative Airwave HD, its red and black two colors for consumers to choose, to support micro-USB charging full support 7 hours of continuous playback time; this speaker support NFC (match paragraph equipment), built-in microphone. Creative Airwave also supports NFC, integrated AUX input port, built-in microphone and supports apt; very strange is its battery life longer than HD, up to 12 hours, rich color (blue, gray, pink, green ).

Airwave HD Price SG $ 129 the Airwave price SG $ 199, Singapore will be the first listed in June. In addition, in July, the new Creative the Hitz series of four headphones will be listed on the same built-in microphone and four colors for users to choose. The four products are Creative Hitz MA2600, Creative Hitz MA2400 and Creative Hitz MA2300, these three will be available in July, and the last paragraph of the Creative Hitz MA350 will be available in June. Prices vary depending on several products, covering the SG $ 49 to SG $ 89 range.

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