Sell ​​your photos: Instagram is explained

Monday, Instagram released its new privacy policy that caused an uproar. The platform would assume indeed the right to resell the photos of its members, without their consent and without compensation. The boss of the firm has published an open letter to calm the game.

Faced with the outcry over the new rules of confidentiality, is explained Instagram. The site owner, Kevin Systrom has published an open letter in which he discusses the controversy. "It is not our intention to sell your photos. We will work on an update of terms to ensure clarity on this point", he said.

On 16 January, the subsidiary Facebook will indeed implement new rules stipulating that the firm can use "your user name, your profile, your photos (and associated metadata) and / or actions that you perform in the context of paid content and sponsored, without compensation to you", as part of an advertising campaign.

Changing the rules

But according to Kevin Systrom, the terms used do not prove lack of appropriate context. "Let's say a company wants to promote its account to gain more followers: Instagram may help in some way. To help relevant to promotion, it would be useful to see what people are likely to follow this account as well. In this sense, some of the data that you generate - as you perform actions (eg, accounts that follow you) or your profile picture - might appear if you follow this business", he explains, adding qu'Instagram change the terms that have raised controversy within 30 days.

For him, it is not selling the pictures of the platform. The main objective is to "avoid things like banners that you see in other applications, and that detract from the user experience Instagram". Cofounder of the application has also ensured that the "Instagram users own their content and does not claim Instagram your photos".

Not sure these words will reassure all users. We must therefore wait Errata confidentiality rules to ensure that our privacy is well protected.

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