Winamax, mobile poker with real money on Android

Play poker for fun with friends and a handful of chips, that's fine, but playing with a real challenge is better, all players will tell you. Question of adrenaline! It's a bit like the difference between bumper cars and Formula 1 ...

All that to say that Winamax the site online poker with real pieces of Patrick Bruel in the first poker room in the world to offer real money poker on mobile, just put online a new version of its application for Android, which allows experienced players to play up to four tables simultaneously.

And, since all parts of the application PC / MAC Winamax are also accessible on mobile, it is possible to play the  freerolls , freerolls with cash to win. There are 12 per day with 50 to 250 € to share, which according to experts is ideal for beginners.

To access the mobile version, you must first create an account  on the page dedicated Winamax site, where you will get the IDs needed to connect.

Note that the Android app is not available in Google Play for the moment, but you can install it from the site:

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