Computers with the 5 senses in 5 years?

The computer giant IBM plans when in 5 years, the technology will be advanced enough to equip our machines senses.

In only 5 years, our machines will be equipped with five senses. It is in any case think that IBM released Monday its annual "5 in 5" establishing  "a forecast of five innovations that will change your life, your work and leisure in the next five years".

To achieve this record, the U.S. firm is based on its ongoing work in its research and development labs. Thus, according to the software giant, our computers, smartphones and other tablets will be equipped with sensors and algorithms that simulate or interpret the five senses.


The screens can simulate certain textures in the coming years, particularly from vibrations. Using haptic technology of the future, it will be possible for example to feel the difference in texture between different clothes that you want to buy online, just by passing his finger across the screen.


It is now possible to record video or take photographs, machines are still struggling to interpret their contents. But in the near future, they will be able to do so. IBM sees particular interest in medical imaging machines then suggest diagnoses after MRI or radiography.


Again, the software giant believes that the machines will soon analyze the sounds they hear. With an application, a smartphone will for example be able to understand why a baby is crying. A patent has been filed for the same software.


IBM researchers are working on a system to break down food to the molecular level. The machines can then create new food combinations. Scientists argue that the firm living with diabetes will be greatly improved, thanks to machines that compose them for foods that are adapted, while maintaining the taste.


On the same basis as the taste sensors analyze each molecule in the air. Researchers see this as American group as a medical tool: by dissecting the breath of a person, computers determine whether the patient is about to catch a cold or another illness.

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