YouTube Capture launches an application "Instagram Video"

When the giants come treading flowerbeds startups taking up the concept that made ​​their fortune, it is not always good news. This is similar to what happens with Capture, the new YouTube app for iPhone, which may well be a bit of shade at all Instagram Video as a SocialCam example.

YouTube Capture on the fact that shooter and quickly share a little video with his smartphone still maneuver somewhat slow and tedious, even if we know that in the latest versions of iOS and other mobile platforms just two clicks, without having to unlock the security code.

With YouTube Capture, you can capture video from the launch of the application and send it on its social network in just three taps on the screen. It is also possible to choose a video already stored on the smartphone, to retouch using simple filters and even add a soundtrack. The trick to good: it is possible to activate a lock in landscape mode so that you prevent these horrible film clips in portrait mode.

Once the recorded video, the sharing is immediate, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Google+. It is quick and easy. But it will still have a little more time to launch the app for the native use of the iPhone, which requires only drag the lock screen up.

It seems clear, however, that YouTube wants with this new application, Instagram itself as the video at the expense of all those who have tried. Recall that SocialCam example, just one year after its inception in San Francisco by three young entrepreneurs including a French, was acquired by Autodesk in July 2012 for the modest sum of $ 60 million ... Also remember that Vimeo offers a long-standing excellent video editing application for iOS, even though the latter has not really sharing the same set of immediate YouTube Capture.

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