Youtube Capture: Share your videos with ease

Google also makes capturing and sharing media. Available on the App Store, YouTube Capture is an application for recording and editing videos.

If Instagram is so much talk these days, it is because many firms envy his phenomenal success. Facebook's competitors begin to turn to offer applications for sharing and photo editing, as is now Twitter.

As for Google, it just put unveiling a similar program, but which is dedicated to video. Capture Youtube called, the application makes it possible to record video from the iDevice and can then broadcast it on Youtube. The cameramen enthusiasts can also share their achievement on various social networks (Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter).

To generate excitement, the Mountain View company plays on the simplicity of the application. In a few taps, users can register, and then directly share its socket without having to enter a security code only.

It will also be able to edit their videos by adding various filters and a soundtrack. It is possible to crop, correct color and stabilize videos, software Google can not get their catch.

Free Youtube Capture is already on the App Store. Users of Android devices will have to wait a short to test the application on their smartphone.

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