Gamebit Show: Far Cry 3 and the Top 3 of the best games of the year

The Gamebit Show returns for the last time in 2012. The pair will attack for 3 weeks feasts and to optimize their site. They propose discovering test Far Cry 3, Modern Combat 4 and the top 3 games of the year.

Far Cry 3: test

The Gamebit first part begins with a test on Far Cry 3. This season is marked by the Ubisoft game. Players will have the opportunity to see Jason, who is transported on an island. The latter is infested with pirates, so he must try to escape from this hell. The pair offer a demonstration while highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of this game is released on PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 since late November. Thanks to Gamebit Show, visitors can discover the tricks, the various possibilities offered by this Far Cry 3. It still gets the score of 19/20 FPS fans will greatly add to the list for Santa Claus.

Modern Combat 4

The Gamebit Show returns in a second part with the mobile application. Optimized iPhone 5, the game makes no real change since 3. The graphics have evolved and still mobile users might be surprised. Players will be transported in the chaos, they will deliver the world's leaders. They are in fact held captive by terrorists. The application is available on Android for Google Play and iOS App Store.

The Top 3 of 2012

The year 2012 ends with the Top 3 best games. They give each album and the Internet offer different strengths. Thus, you will find some of the best, Max Payne 3, Minecraft , Rayman ... You can discover the latest episode. Stay connected on Gamebit, novelties and improvements are planned.

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