Samsung can still sell its products in the United States

Samsung is authorized to sell its products overseas, but will still have to pay $ 1.05 billion to Apple for patent infringement.

Samsung will continue to sell its products on American soil. Last night, the American courts rejected the claim that Apple would ban many products Samsung particular tablet Galaxy Tab, as well as smartphones , mainly older generation.

The Korean giant will still pay some $ 1.05 billion in damages from Apple for patent infringement on the iPhone and iPad. In August last year, Samsung was convicted by a California jury, but he appealed the decision. Victorious, the Apple brand then you want to ban the sale of Samsung products 26.

Round 2, Fight!

A request that was rejected by Judge Lucy Koh in charge of the case. "phones at issue in this case contain a variety of components, only a small fraction is protected by patents Apple", justified the judge, explaining that consumers were not based solely on elements patented by Apple in their purchase decision.

Obviously, Samsung has welcomed the decision of the judge, although she rejected the request of the firm for a new trial. The U.S. market is strategic for the Korean group. Indeed, he represented $ 7.5 billion in sales in 2011, with 21.2 million handsets sold.

However, this small victory marks only the end of a battle in the war between the two giants. Many other trials will take place in various countries of the world and a second confrontation will take place overseas in March 2013. And this time, the action aims directly flagship device from Samsung, the Galaxy S3.

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