Instagram sell your photos without your consent

Subsidiary Facebook will change its privacy policy January 16, 2013. The service provides including the right to sell personal data and photos of its members.

It must be a return on investment of 747 million dollars in Facebook Instagram. The vice-director of solutions marketing social network, Carolyn Everson formalized Monday the new group policy.

"Many brands use Instagram now for an overview of the public response to their products. We will certainly find a monetization strategy", she said, adding that the new rules will come into force on 16 January 2013.

Instagram users will certainly appear in the coming months advertisements within the application. In addition, data on their profile will be made available to Facebook, who can monetize with advertisers. They will be able to better target their ads.

"This means that we can act more effectively and rapidly, especially in the fight against spam and detect problems system reliability. We can also build better functionality for all, including how Instagram is used", was justified under the ruling.

No compensation

But the new policy at the most controversial image rights and intellectual property. As part of an advertising campaign, Instagram will award the permanent right to sell the photos posted on its service without paying the authors or even inform them of the transactions.

To help us to provide or pay Sponsored content, you agree that company or other entity to pay us for the use of your user name, your like, your photos and their metadata, and / or actions that you carry out in connection with such content, or sponsored pay, without compensation to you, and can be read on the new conditions.

The only way to escape these new rules is to switch his Instagram account to "private" (only invited people can view it) or just delete all his pictures and his account before January 16.

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