IF SnapKeys invisible keyboard launches in beta on Android

Android users have the ability to use a keyboard less conventional than the classical azerty on their smartphone and tablet, even if the Android 4.2 keyboard aka Jelly Bean is efficient integration of gestural input.

SnapKeys SI is a new keyboard in beta that has nothing to do with the alternatives that we know. Composed of four colored buttons are superimposed translucent bottom of the screen, these keys are themselves divided into four tiles, one of which is a vowel and the two are letters that you use most often in a day.

The principle is simple: just tap a colorful touch to any place to insert a character. Except that sometimes, even often, the letter you need is not visible so it is necessary to enter the four colored buttons for the application attempts to predict the right word or the right expression. As as you write the word suggestions are displayed on the sides of the screen. If you hold on a tile, you can also add a small print available at the ends of the colored buttons. The space bar is on the right side and delete function is, in turn, on the left side.

The keyboard of a new genre, which combines simplicity and efficiency provided the master to perfection, is currently available in English on Android. If you want to test the beta, we must first register on the official website and then download the file. Apk application.

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