Google I / O: Gmail will allow us to send money to friends

The area of micro-payment is quite lucrative and it's probably not that PayPal contradict me on this issue. But in fact, you may know that Google offers for some time a competing solution, a solution that offers essentially the same kind of functionality. Google Wallet, of course! A Google Wallet which is increasingly used by developers and that was highlighted during the Google I / O. For indeed, imagine that Google has decided to integrate Gmail to allow us to send money to our friends...!

It must be admitted, no one expected this announcement. In any case, I, I did not expect and absolutely no doubt that I should not be alone in this. And yet, though the integration of Google Wallet in Gmail is far less trivial than it seems.

But how does it work exactly? In fact, the idea is quite simple. To send money to a friend via Gmail, simply write him a new message ... to add an attachment by positioning the mouse cursor on our small clip that everyone necessarily knows. There, next to the button to insert an image, a link or emoticons, you will find a newcomer along with a nice icon representing a dollar. Simply click on this button to open a window that will allow us to enter the amount of money that we want to send the message recipient.

Google Wallet in Gmail, as an ordinary attachment

After, simply validate the transaction and send the message. When our friend will receive, it will just click on the link that goes to get the money and send it to his own wallet. From there, it will then touch on his personal bank account.

On paper, it's very promising and this integration should eventually make life easier for a lot of people. I think of all the people who work in independent and find there a simple way to get the money they deserve. However, note that this feature is not currently planned in the United States, and it will probably take some time before you can enjoy it with us.

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