Google Now updated with cards for reminders and information in real time public transport

The parade next stage of Google I / O 2013 is Google Now, which for the occasion has been updated with a bunch of new features. The first one is responsible for provide reminders to take daily your to-do list, such as announcing that you have to call a friend at a certain date. Another curious detail is that the platform will also address warn of the arrival of books, music and even television programs that might suit your tastes depending on what the big G knows about you (which is not exactly little).

By To make matters worse, Google Now will from now with real-time information of public transport, for instance to warn you that you are about to miss the last train of the day-eye, the availability of this option will be a function of the location, but the Mountain View have not provided specific cities. Google has provided a small demo during the presentation, teaching us that the service may respond with relevant information to questions like "show me things to do in Santa Cruz" or "show me pictures of the walk". As we say, all these new features to Google Now and are ready for Android, but so far we do not know when they might reach its iOS counterpart.

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