Strategy Analytics: Samsung occupy 94.7% of the profits of the entire Android device market

We all know that the Android device is now gaining momentum in the mobile market , but among the involved hardware manufacturer, the really big money in the end who is it? The answer, according to Strategy Analytics statistics in the first quarter of 2013 results, not surprisingly, fell on the head of Samsung. The data show an operating profit of $ 7.9 billion in the first quarter of Samsung from Android 5.1 billion, and this figure accounted for 94.7% of the entire Android hardware market profits in.

In addition to Samsung scores slightly decent point only their fellow South Korean LG, the latter's profits reached 119 million, accounting for 2.5% of the profit of the entire market. HTC , Sony , ZTE and other vendors are all normalized to the "other" column, add up to only 2.7% of the share. Of course, these figures do not represent that the days of other manufacturers are doing so badly, but it is certain that Samsung is now the position is indeed difficult to shake on.

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