Future products in anticipation LG Nexus?

While the output of the Nexus 4 produced by LG has not really shone by its availability, the product remains to this day can not be controlled from the Google Play Store , yet it seems that LG and Google have big plans for him already find a successor!

This is indeed what an article published on the International Business Times  indicates quoting Senior Vice President of LG, James Fisher. According to them, the production of the current model, already slowed as we have seen, would, according to some speculation, simply shutdown to better prepare new models that could happen as early as next month. He adds that the Nexus 4 represented only the first representative of many upcoming products made ​​in conjunction with Google.

According to him, major announcements will be made at the upcoming Mobile World Congress held in Barcelona in February. Should expect to see happen more high end devices in various screen sizes.

Difficult to know what will actually be announced, all we can hope for is that both LG and Google to provide the service and are able to produce devices in a timely manner so that customers can get it. Offer attractive devices because it is one thing, they are used to is another!

That said, it is mere speculation. MWC Barcelona or will not confirm the veracity of his statements.

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