Bittorrent in your web browser to Surf

Bittorrent occupies an important place in your life? It is a certainty, Surf is the extension you need and it is normal since it will allow you to access all of the world torrents directly from Chrome. There's more for the extension that will not allow you to search for torrents , it actually allows you to download and there is no need to go through an official client. Really convenient and the best is yet more to come in because it is an official extension and then developed by the team responsible for Bittorrent.

How does it work? Very simply, in fact, just because you go to the page that goes to download and install Surf your browser (Chrome only). When this is done, you'll see a new icon in the toolbar of the latter, on which icon you will obviously click to access all functions of the tool.

At the outset and as he is very polite, Surf will ask you to choose your favorite search engine. Three options offer you and then you can opt for Google, Bing or Yahoo. The thing to know is that when you do your research, ask them directly extend to resend files torrents. Alone, as a great and without you having to do it yourself. A few seconds later, and once you have validated your choice Surf will show you the search field and all the options are fine.

Add sources, notifications, manage downloads

At this point of the article, you must say that Surf is useless since it only supports conventional search engines. It is not wrong, but the developers of the extension have done things since it is possible to add any site to research. If you enjoy your shopping on The Pirate Bay, for example, you can simply add the URL of your sources. How? Simply by clicking on the first button to the right of the search field. Very well thought out, obviously.

And then, how do you recover torrents? In fact, it is rather simple since you can simply enter the keywords that are going well in the field dedicated to this purpose. Once your research is done, the extension will return you a list of all associated files. Simply click on the button that goes to start downloading any of them. Right next to it, you will find an icon that will give you more vital information, or even capital on the river. Information such as the number of sources or the number of downloads.

When you start the download, it will appear a little further down the window and it will do more than wait to get their hands on the coveted file. Also note that the extension developers have thought to include a notification system so we do not rest on our nose glued small window. In addition, in a few clicks, you can also decide to suspend or even stop the download.

In the end, we obtain an extension of intelligent, well thought out and should ultimately make service a lot of people. Oh, and we also know that the extension will soon launch a new feature - Surf Mobile Streaming - to retrieve its entire mobile media library.

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