Nexus 4 production could stop

The Nexus 4 was probably one of the most pleasant surprises of 2012. A smartphone fun to watch, enjoying also interesting technical specifications and offered at a very competitive price, it has finally become the miracle that nobody expected more. But now, all was not rosy and Nexus 4 is thus found very quickly out of stock. Situation also has not really changed in recent months. Yes, and believing in the International Business Times, this is apparently not ready to settle as LG may finally decide to stop production soon.

A conditional statement to be taken, of course. In reality, all came from James Fisher, an executive at LG. Advantage of CES 2013, it was actually brought to speak about future products his company. He has indicated that the Nexus 4 was only the beginning of a long and beautiful adventure and new Nexus and were in production. Nexus of which would decline in multiple screen sizes and may even be presented at the Mobile World Congress, so next month.

Surprising? Yes, certainly, and even more so than the Nexus 4 is "available" (the quotes are important) on the market for a few months. To replace it as quickly may seem strange, and it is also not the only thing that bothers me. Known fact that LG has struggled, really hard , to ensure the production of a single terminal, and it is reasonable to ask whether the company will manage to produce more.

But ultimately, the more we reflect and we say that these new devices could benefit Google and LG a good not bad. Offering the Nexus 4 a low price, the two firms are not necessarily returned to their costs. If it has not been sold at a loss, it remains true that both companies have seriously reconsider the margins down. And finally, stopping and starting its production in the wake of new terminals at a higher rate, they could save the day and finally get their costs.

Well, that said, this is merely conjecture on my part, of course, but the fact remains that this idea does not lack meaning.

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