Hive Settings: manage all the settings of your Android device in a single application

Applications that manage or modify the parameters of a device not lacking on Android. In fact, there are so many that it is sometimes necessary to make a selection to find the right application that works correctly.

Hive Settings is a new Android application that makes managing all your camera settings and also strongly resembles MySettings an application similar but less recent and complete.

How it works? You download and upgrade the application on one of your home screens for quick access to various settings and functions: Bluetooth, WiFi, GPS, brightness, airplane mode, auto rotate, battery percentage and so on. Not to mention direct access to the contents of the SD card and a handy feature to view the list of installed applications and open export or uninstall.

It is true that these functions exist for most other applications or even in the notification bar for newer versions of Android, but Hive Settings has the merit of bringing together a range of settings and functions in a single and even application.

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